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Why Lemogram?


Your phone number is safe. With the Smart Contact you can easily chat, call, video call and share files with anyone without having to give your mobile number. Simply generate a Smart Contact, a code, which the person you want to connect with will have to add in his Lemogram contact list. Before generating the Smart Contact it will also be possible to determine the duration, so that, once expired, the chat will be automatically deleted and there will be no way to communicate again with that person.
On the other hand, if you want to continue to stay in touch, you can decide to renew the Smart Contact or you can switch to the traditional chat with a visible number. Therefore, Smart Contact can be useful against stalking, for short-term work relationships, for commercial announcements or on sales platforms, for celebrities, for car sharing or private car transport services, for dating apps and for any situation in which you prefer not to give your phone number or the name with which you appear on social media.

Self regulated

Lemogram is a chat app that uses the blockchain to manage a part of the connection work between users. Although the blockchain is an open system, its use will not affect the privacy of our users but will make many internal processes of the app more transparent and not changeable by anyone, this will make the app partially self-regulated.


The system and the app itself are designed to ensure a high speed in the exchange of messages and navigation within the app. Message composition is also faster thanks to the emoji prediction system that will suggest the emoji most relevant to the message context and the last word typed.


The handscript mode allows you to send messages with your own calligraphy, giving a personal and unmistakable touch to your texts. It does not use the slow "writing on the screen" system, but enables to record your own characters that will be saved as an alternative keyboard, allowing to write with the same precision and speed of the writing method on the keyboard qwerty with traditional fonts.


Lemogram is a free app, its downlink and usage do not require any payment from the user. Only 10% of the functions are part of the premium package, but this will not minimize the usability for users of the free package.

Eco friendly

One of our goals is to become a company totally eco-friendly, ie we aim to use only renewable energy, not only due to the respect we have for the environment, but also because it is a modern business strategy aligned to the latest global guidelines on the subject environmental.


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